The State of mobile

Mobile experts at The America’s Lodging Investment Summit held recently discussed five key take-outs for hoteliers to note on the state of mobile:

1. Mobile is not emerging, it’s omnipresent
There are currently more connected devices in the world than people, with an average of four devices to one person. This average is expected to grow to seven by 2027. Facebook’s Travel head says they reach over 1 billion people per day, of which 20% are on mobile. Also interestingly, a staggering 71% of internet activity now originates on mobile devices.

2. Increased mobile usage leads to an incredible amount of valuable data being collected
Hotels should combine their proprietary data collected with available information from social media platforms such as Facebook. This will allow you to further segment your audiences to find out key data on your most recent or lapsed customers, prompting personalised marketing.

3. Don’t be a creep – ensure customer their information is private and protected  
Collecting a lot of information on guests can lead to compelling and personalised experiences but can also lead to your guest feeling ‘invaded’ if overdone. Hotels need to find the balance between helpful and creepy, with a solution being to provide a clear value proposition to guests. It is also important to make it clear to guests that their information will be kept private.

4. Ask yourself some tough questions before venturing into mobile apps
Many hotel companies have mobile applications but are not clear what they want to accomplish through the app. If you answer yes or know the answer to these five questions, your hotel will be (or already is) best suited for a mobile app:

-          What will your hotel use the app for – is it to drive bookings?

-          Who is the intended audience for the app?

-          Does the app allow for a better experience?

-          Is the app user-friendly and are people visiting it?

-          Does the app facilitate the engagement you expected?  

5. Mobile brings guests closer to your hotel and staff
Mobile can be used to give guests consistent points of contact (via text or online messaging) that will bring them closer to staff, rather than farther apart – as is often the case with embraced technology. The old cliché remains: “The job doesn’t end when you sell a TV.”

(Article source: Hotel News Now)

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